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Tribeless Topics: "No Mud, No Lotus"

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Hey, Fellow Tribeless,

What's on your mind today? Spring has finally shown up here in the Chicago area.

All the vibrant blooms and ecto-cooler green (to use an 80's throwback Kool-Aid reference) grass makes me think of new beginnings, a fresh start. Yesterday is in the past, and we can't change it. Tomorrow is not yet here, and it's therefore out of our control. But we have Today, with all its radiant sunshine and electric thunder storms - changing every 5 minutes as only Spring does.

But what it reminds us is that Life always contains both, the brightness and the thunderstorms, and neither are permanent. The Sun always follows the Rain, and the Rain nourishes the spectacular flowers. As the Buddhist monk Nhat Hanh poetically teaches, "No mud, no lotus."

So, each storm presents us the opportunity to grow, to blossom into something amazing stretching to the sunlight.

What can you learn from your thunderstorm to grow stronger in the sunlight? I'm listening.

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