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Innovative Strategy

Sessions with JB  

For a 90-min Investment, this Empowering Group Mastermind Virtual Session is held monthly for Entrepreneurs seeking Innovative Solutions to Successfully building their business. 

These sessions offer the opportunity to reduce your stress & frustration & overwhelm by brainstorming, collaborating, and sharing ideas and creating solutions with other entrepreneurs to achieve your business goals. 

A Monthly, Virtual Group 

$90 Min

Strategy Sessions


Innovative Strategy Mastermind

An Empowering Mastermind Group... More Info coming soon!

More Info Coming Soon! Program to be launched late 2020! Check back for more details.

A Virtual Group Experience! 


Business Mastermind
Live PNS Experience

Your Personal Navigation System:

Mapping Your Direction

An Empowering Group Coaching Experience with activity book for those who want to trade in their just fine life for an Amazing life.

It offers you the opportunity to significantly reduce overwhelm and stress and decision-making fatigue, feel more engaged, more energetic, more productive, and more successful...

A LIVE Group Experience! 


A Special Launch Event Investment!


What Story is Your Business


Info coming soon!

Info coming soon. Program to be launched late 2020!