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Tribeless Topics: Picking Up the Pieces

Hey, Fellow Tribeless!

What’s on your mind today? Whew! It’s been a while since I’ve been here, well, since the pandemic that scoured across the globe in 2020. I didn’t realize it until now, sitting here at my keyboard, typing these words, just how much I missed this, writing to you, sharing, connecting.

See, 95% of my business pre-pandemic was conducted in person, networking, having conversations with interesting people. Then suddenly, literally overnight, our lives went completely digital. And my “office space” (a.k.a. our living room) became a classroom as my husband taught high school history over Zoom. I switched gears for a bit to begin creating online programs and courses, something that had been on my want-to list for a while, but ultimately my business began to crumble bit by bit, day by day as we sat locked into our homes. I began to feel lost, all my navigational charts no longer pointing the way because that way simply no longer existed.

I expect many others felt similar, maybe even you. So, here I stand today, amongst the rubble of what I had been building. But the thing I finally came to see is that I am standing. And, yes, my business is currently a pile of bricks and mortar and boards and nails, metaphorically speaking of course, but those bricks and mortar and boards and nails are still resources. They can be reused to rebuild. So, today I burned the old navigational charts, grabbed a clean sheet, picked up a piece of my rubble, and began sketching a new route, one that includes the rubble at my feet but built in a new way.

Progress is not always moving forward. Sometimes it’s moving diagonally, to the side, or even, sometimes, backwards. Progress is just that you keep moving, you keep trying, you learn from your experiences to keep building something better, building something that matters. So, this blog post, my first in about two-and-a-half years, is that piece of rubble I picked up off the floor, dusted off, and used as my first piece in building my new wall. I’m back, baby! And now I have even more invaluable experiences to learn from and from which to grow.

Take a moment to stop and look around. What things are lying in rubble at your feet? What can you reuse or repurpose to help you move forward in your life or in your business? What new opportunities can you see from your new vantage point standing atop a pile of dust and rubble? In what new, exciting direction will those fresh opportunities combined with your salvaged pieces take you? I’ll grab my climbing gear and meet you at the top. You can tell me all about it!

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