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Tribeless Topics: At the Crossroads

Hey, Fellow Tribeless!

What’s on your mind today? I found myself talking with a Will County Sheriff at my front door this morning and realized something shocking. Three years ago TODAY, I took a Leap of Faith and walked away from my job of almost fifteen years. I had not woven a safety net, secured another job, or even had clarity about what I did want to do when I grew up; I just knew I couldn’t stay where I was because it was no longer my path. My forensic career had fulfilled its purpose in my life, but I was never designed to do it forever. So, three years ago I had traveled upon a crossroads and found myself confronted by a momentous decision: steady, safe money or happiness?

Making the decision was the easy part, no amount of money is worth suffering and chronic stress and unhappiness, but the execution was nothing short of heart rending. I was making the choice to leave behind everything I had known and defined myself by in a career for fifteen years, a career that enabled me to serve others, kitschy parties and fun charity fundraisers I helped plan and organize, and a fabulous group of co-workers I loved to create forensic-themed musicals with while processing bedsheets and bloody knives (Eat your heart out, CATS!). So, yes, the actual leaving was hellish; I’m not going to lie or gloss over it. But the reward was so much sweeter, the opportunity to stop Life for just one breath and honestly ask myself what I truly want, what is truly important to me, and what I’m here to do and experience with this life. That, my fellow tribeless, is richer than anything gold or sparkly.

The dawning of my three-year Quitiversary got me thinking about other crossroads I’ve traversed and what crossroads really are. I can say with 110% certainty that my life to this point has turned out like nothing at all I expected or thought I wanted. But I have no regrets, not for my choices, not for my trials, not for my tribulations, and certainly not for the fantastic voyage! Because I chose not what was easiest or “safest” or the “sure” thing, but what felt best for me at that juncture. I chose with my heart; I chose well.

While, in the moment, crossroads seem frightening and the possibility of the unknown utterly terrifying and the fear of choosing poorly paralyzing, the option that makes your heart flutter just for a beat with childlike wings of enthusiasm is the road that, if you are Alive and Daring enough to travel, empowers you to achieve your true purpose and ultimate goal for this journey. So, what are crossroads? They are your check-in, your Universal Navigation System for keeping you on your right path, guiding you to your destination. And if you keep choosing poorly? You’ll keep finding yourself at the Crossroads.

So, where are you headed? I’ll meet you in the center of the Crossroads and we can chat.

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