Values: A Deeper Introspective - ND, B

Values: A Deeper Introspective - ND, B


Only when we understand a value’s importance to us can we connect with it and begin living our lives in accordance with it.


That is why this Premium Values: A Deeper Introspective tool takes your clients through identifying their current top ten values, how they define each value, and why each value is important to them. And then it goes deeper, guiding your clients to determine which values are born from fear (to avoid pain) and which are chosen consciously. The tool concludes by tapping into your client’s awareness of how their fear-based value(s) plays out in their life and how they can reduce its impact, guiding them to consider what new value(s) they may want to adopt and how it would impact their life, and challenging them to exercise their Consciously Chosen values every day.

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