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The Necessary Legalese


Welcome to (the “Site”), a website operated by Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC (“Company,” “us”, “our”, and “we”). Our tools are designed to assist you with your clients - in group coaching, one-on-one coaching sessions, and in workshops and seminars. Our tools are not intended as a source of advice or any other professional service. Our tools are accompanied with a single user license, for use by one person.

License Agreement


1. General Agreement Info

This is a legal agreement between You ("Licensee") and Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC ("Licensor"). This agreement applies to licenses issued via the world wide web and is applicable to online, digital, and analog (physical) delivery of Licensed Material.

You must accept the terms and conditions of this license agreement ("this agreement") in order to access and use the Licensed Material. By accessing and using any Licensed Material, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement. Carefully read all of the terms and conditions set forth below before accessing or using any Licensed Material.

By using Licensed Material, you have acquired from Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC, a license to use the Licensed Material in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement (the "License"). By accessing Licensed Material, you agree to use it solely as provided in this Agreement and to comply with all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

2. Grant of Rights

1. The Licensed Material is NOT being sold; it is being provided to the Licensee under the terms of this agreement, which allows for USE of the Licensed Material but does not transfer ownership. Ownership remains with Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC;

2. Upon accepting the terms of this Agreement, Licensee has the non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-commercial personal license to use the Licensed Material as follows:

3. How May I Use the Tools?

   1) You MAY:

  • Rebrand our tools as directed, for use with your prospects, one-on-one and group coaching clients, and workshop attendees. This means you may USE the content of the tool under your own name or under the name of your practice. 

  • Use our tools in the process of coaching clients, workshop attendees, or potential clients (i.e. as client homeplay, during a session with your client, or with attendees at a seminar or workshop that you are delivering).

  • Reproduce, store, copy electronically, or otherwise use our tools for the above purposes. This includes printing and/or emailing our tools directly to your prospects, one-on-one and group coaching clients, and workshop attendees.

  • Alter or modify our tools as directed and authorized in this Agreement. However, if any such alteration or modification constitutes a derivative work, defined as a work based on or derived from one or more already existing works, (including but not limited to translations, abridgments, and condensations of existing work), you acknowledge and agree that you made such derivative work for Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC and that all rights associated with such derivative work will be owned solely by Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC.


   2) You May NOT:

  • Use Licensed Material for any purpose other than is specifically permitted in this Agreement.

  • Resell the Licensed Material directly or indirectly, in whole or in part. Specifically, if you are not coaching or working with the client yourself in some way, then this is reselling. Reselling our tools includes, but is not limited to, using our tools in a book, e-book, and in an online or e-coaching program where your only or main contact with the client is automated.

  • Give away or post the Licensed Material online as a free resource. This includes but is not limited to: making our tools available on your website or any other website or app, in a private members' area on your website, posting our tools on social media, using our tools as a giveaway in your newsletters or with newsletter sign-up, using our tools as a bonus or gift in a blog post, product, or other marketing project, and including our tools in a page of free resources for your clients.

  • Rent, sublicense, sell, assign, convey or transfer Licensed Material, or load Licensed Material onto a network server.

  • Remove or obscure any copyright notices associated with Licensed Material.

  • Claim any portion of or any modification of Licensed Material as your own.

  • Sell, license, sublicense, or distribute any derivative work based on the Licensed Material, including templates and translations.

4. If You Choose to Use Our Products:

1. You agree that these materials are the sole property of Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC and are protected by trademark and copyright laws.

2. You acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions and you acknowledge the purpose for which our products are intended.

3. You agree that if you breach any of the conditions set forth in this license then this license is automatically terminated.

5. Termination & Revocation

1. Unauthorized use will result in immediate termination of this license including but not limited to legal action.

2. The license contained in this Agreement will terminate automatically without notice from Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC if Licensee fails to comply with any provision of this Agreement. Upon termination, Licensee must immediately (i) stop using the Licensed Material; (ii) destroy the Licensed Material; and (iii) delete or remove the Licensed Material from Licensee's premises, computer systems and storage (electronic or physical) and promptly confirm same to Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC in writing at;

3. Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC reserves the right to revoke the license to use the Licensed Material for good cause and elect to replace such Licensed Material with alternative Licensed Material. Upon notice of any revocation of such license, Licensee shall immediately cease using such Licensed Material. Licensee shall delete all electronic copies of Licensed Material from its electronic storage media, confirming the same to Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC in writing at

6. Warranty

1. The Licensed Material is provided by Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC “as is”. We make no warranties with regard to our Licensed Material, including advice, expressed or implied, and hereby disclaim and negate all other warranties including, without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of accuracy, completeness, actuality, likely results, reliability, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. The Licensed Material may include technical, typographical, or photographic errors.

2. You are responsible for how you use our tools and content.

3. We may make changes to the tools available on our website at any time without notice.

7. Limitation of Liability

1. Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC disclaims all liability for incidental, consequential, and special damages arising out of any defects in materials and workmanship including warranties of fitness for use.

2. Licensee shall defend, indemnify and hold Jaime Bartolotta Life Coach, LLC and its respective officers, directors and employees harmless from all damages, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and permitted and authorized costs), arising out of or as a result of claims by third parties relating to Licensee's use of any Licensed Material outside the scope of this Agreement and any other breach by Licensee of this Agreement.

  • We do not accept or undertake any liability to you in connection with the products and your subsequent use thereof.

  • You agree that any liability we may be found to have at law shall be limited to the cost of the product you have purchased.

  • You agree to indemnify us in respect of any cost, liability, expense, claim or loss which we may suffer as a result of any breach of these terms and conditions by you or anyone for whom you are at law responsible.

8. What if I have Concerns or Complications?

In case you have concerns or complications, please promptly notify us at We will in good faith try to mitigate your concern or complication to your satisfaction as soon as possible.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this License Agreement or the practices of the Site, please contact us by sending an email to

Last Updated


This License Agreement was last updated on 8/22/2018.

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