Decision Making: Visioning Your Options - Business Edition - D, IB

Decision Making: Visioning Your Options - Business Edition - D, IB


Only when we visualize our possible paths does our direction become clear.


That is why this Premium Decision Making: Visioning Your Options - Business Edition tool helps your client identify the outcome they would like to achieve in addressing a given situation and then focuses their attention on 2-3+ viable solutions for the situation, verifying how well each identified solution would resolve their situation and achieve their desired outcome to further evaluate only solutions that would lead them to their defined success. This Decision Making tool then empowers your clients to evaluate the impact of each possible solution by guiding them to create 6-month visions of themselves and their businesses. How have each responded over time to each possible solution? And then it goes deeper, inviting your clients to review each 6-month vision to determine which fits and feels best and identify any possible roadblocks that may get in the way of accomplishing their consciously chosen solution. The tool concludes by challenging your clients to determine their first action step toward employing their solution and identifying a time they will have it completed, propelling them forward to their desired outcome! 


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