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Tribeless Topics: The Butterfly Effect

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Hey, Fellow Tribeless!

What’s on your mind today? My thoughts are on the Butterfly Effect. I love the concept of the Butterfly Effect because it illustrates how powerfully what we put out into our world affects it. A concept that dawned from chaos theory, the Butterfly Effect defines how small changes can have greater effects – metaphorically, that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can influence the behavior of a tornado. Allow me to expound!

I was gifted with an extremely rare moment yesterday. I was granted an opportunity to hear how my seemingly small, typed words of these “letters” have inspired someone else (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent!). She shared with me how these letters have inspired her to begin her own form of journaling, composing her own Amazing Story, with absolutely No Expectation of what it might be, what it could be, or even who, if anyone, may ever read any of it. Right now, she is doing it just for her and is having FUN with it!

It’s so easy to feel like we are invisible, like our words don’t matter, as if the world would be no different if we were suddenly gone. But, if a butterfly’s wings have the power to change the course of a tornado, we always possess the power to impact our world, we do matter, and someone is always listening, even if we never get the chance to know it firsthand.

I’m here. I’m listening. Talk to me, Exquisite Butterfly.  

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