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Tribeless Topics: A Lesson In Necessary Evil

Hey, Fellow Tribeless!

What’s on your mind today? I’m facing my apathy towards social media. Up until now, I have viewed using social media as a necessary evil for running your own small business. It’s something you “have to do” if you want to grow your network, be successful, blah blah blah. But here’s the thing….my ideal clients aren’t on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or Snap-a-whatever, mostly because they are too busy running Their own small businesses! What little free time they do have is more precious and rarer than the Hope Diamond so they certainly don’t spend it here. So, I’ve viewed social media platforms as merely a legitimizing presence…so people know I’m a real person.

And then I had an amazing session with My coach today. He challenged me to question whether there was a way that social media COULD work for me and perhaps, while maybe not escaping the necessary aspect, transform to something at least NOT evil. Now, here is where I must allow you a glimpse in to my inner world. One of my overwhelmingly greatest strengths that has led to most, if not all, my successes in life is that I fearlessly stand in the face of the conventional and forge my own, authentic path in everything I do. I find My way, the way that connects with and works for Me instead of the masses. But I had never thought to apply that same spirit of adventure and fun and whimsy and self-connection and Realness to my use of social media. Until he dared me to.

Challenge accepted! I began to think about what IS real? What is real about me and about my coaching business? Real is the process, the rough drafts, the stumbles, the scrapes, the learning along the way, the trials and glorious errors! So, what if I used My social media to share that, share my real so that, maybe, just maybe, someone else will begin to relish in their real, their rough drafts and stumbles and scrapes and glorious errors! Because this virtual world has become a place of perfect. See how perfect my life is, see how accomplished I am, see how great things in my world are. But this isn’t reality…for Anyone. Reality is the hard work and sometimes struggles of the process that gets us to the achievements, to the greatness. So, I want to champion that, the ooey, gooey, messy process.

My coach, of course, was right. Social media isn’t a necessary evil. Now that I’ve found My path, it’s an opportunity for me to share and celebrate the Real. Where may you discover your own path, dance to your own beat, laugh in the face of convention? How may you celebrate your process, Your Real? I’d love to share in it with you.

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