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Tribeless Topics: Soup for the Soul

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Hey, Fellow Tribeless!

What's on your mind today? I'm contemplating how the chilly, wet air of mid-fall signals a time of slowing down – driving slower, moving slower, eating slower. And it beseeches the radiating warmth and security of Soup. We have entered the Season of Soup, and it’s what I’m eating for lunch today, the fiery lava blaze of spiced tomato soup languidly gliding down my throat, gently warming me from the inside out. It’s that subtly smoldering inner warmth that conjures that feeling of security, a velvety safety blanket wrapping its downy arms tight around you, enveloping you in its magical cloak of protection. That’s what Soup is, its silent SuperPower – Protection. Protection against the cold, against the sad, against the sick. Soup always makes life feel better, more manageable. It offers at least one solution to all problems – “When in doubt, there is always Soup!”

But is Soup really magical, powerful, or a shield against the world’s evil? The magic, the power, the tools of defense and safety, while it’s easier to attribute it to Soup, is actually Ours. It’s often less challenging for us to see power as something external to us, so we project our delicious inner power outward and attach it to things, creating anchors. We are taught from a young age that Soup is a magic elixir that will make us all better, and we ate the magic elixir and healed, and we believed it was the magic in the broth, when all along it was us. We always had the Power.

We each have the Power to make ourselves feel better, feel stronger, feel capable, feel happy, feel joy, feel love. Things can never possess the magic or power to make us feel any certain way or to make us strong or to make us successful or happy. Believing that they do is simply handing over your power to an inanimate, unfeeling object.

What other anchors are keeping you from sailing free that you can reel in? What are you going to do with your reclaimed Power? What would your life look like if you chose to use it consciously every day? Use your SuperPower to write it in the sky; I’ll be looking up!

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