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Tribeless Topics: Reflecting Pool

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Hey, Fellow Tribeless!

What’s on your mind today? I’m pondering the shimmery, almost ghoulish face winking back at me from the puddles pooling on the pavement, an impulsive twinkle of refracted light hinting like a secret. Summer rain always transports me into a reflective, parallel universe.

I fondly recall the weightlessness of childhood, scrabbling on soggy knees to collect the plump worms lured out of their earthen-tunneled highways by the siren’s song of warm, fat drops of summer rain. Securing them in a can, they were good bait for fishing in the nearby pond.

There was always one fish. I looked for him every time. He had one dark eye and one blue eye. I caught him many times over the years, staring into that blue eye each time and wondering what it saw. Did it see the world differently than the normal dark eye? Did it contemplate me contemplating it? Could it see simultaneously into the many worlds of the universe? Was that why it was so blue? Was that why that small, pond fish lived for so long? Was that why he always found his way on to my hook?

Today, as I sit remembering that calico-eyed fish I hadn’t thought of in years, I finally understand its metaphorical meaning in my life.


Considering different perspectives for any given situation provides freedom. And as a girl who embraces her freedom, it makes even more sense why my mind is on Perspectives. It’s a little like finding the silver lining tinting the bruised, punishing storm cloud, except it’s much broader than just searching for the good in the bad. It’s really about seeing a situation in a new way, an alternate but perhaps equally true way, which creates possibility…the possibility that there is another reason for why, another thought that could create a different emotion, another thought that could create a different action, another way of being.

If your eyes magically changed color, how would you see your world differently? What new thought would you have? What would you suddenly do differently? What does your new freedom feel like? Whisper it into the pool; your reflection is waiting to hear.

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