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Tribeless Topics: Between Heaven and Earth

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Hey, Fellow Tribeless!

What's on your mind today? The Balance between being lofty and dreamy and being grounded and practical has been surfacing for me lately.

As an air sign (to go astrological on you), I naturally feel at home soaring among the clouds crafting abstractly epic ideas and innovatively unique solutions. Towing myself back down to visit Earth is something I have to consciously and consistently practice. But the experience always provides me a fantastic opportunity to expand my self-awareness.

Like a conversation I was engaged in a few days ago about music. I was explaining to someone why I'm drawn to the darker, heavier sounds of hard rock and alternative metal versus the lighter, buoyant strains of genres like pop rock. See, it makes sense, despite people's predictable astonishment that my bubbly, kinetic personality doesn't gravitate to bubbly, kinetic tunes. Deeper tones are very grounding, while higher-pitched tones are very uplifting. So, it makes perfect sense that I utilize the deeper tones inherent to hard rock to balance me out, pull my balloon a bit closer to Earth, a bit closer to practicality and action versus grand ideas and dreaming.

All things in Life are about Balance. The trick is knowing how You need balance and what tools you can use to achieve it. When I find myself floating a bit too much in the ether and paralyzed by big ideas but INactivity, I go play in the dirt or cook something in the kitchen or make something crafty that requires using my hands - all grounding activities.

Where is your natural element? On Earth, in the sky? What activities do you notice deflate you towards the ground or lift you towards the clouds? What type of music do you gravitate towards, and what does it make you feel? What could you do with your new-found knowledge? I'd love to hear!

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