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Visual Fun With Videos 

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Info Icon Red1 transp.png

          You clicked this info link so there’s at least slight odds that, like me, you glanced exasperatedly at the list of the program’s educational videos with a long, slow, deep sigh. Given that written content is often faster to master and easier to reference, highlight, underline, or star important points, it’s understandable that you’d feel exasperated and even impatient at being “forced” to endure minutes of video footage for what may have taken you only moments to read.

          So why videos and why not written content or even transcripts? Seeing my face as I guide you through your educational adventure offers you the remaining ~90% of all communication, the nonverbal cues of facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, which helps establish and deepen our connection together and your connection with the activities. Presenting with video further solidifies that you are never alone in this journey. I am real, and I am your guide, ever present to light your way.  

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