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Playing By Hand 

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          You clicked this info link so there’s a pretty good chance you’re frustrated or even fuming angry with me at being “forced” to complete your program activities by hand. Given that this digital age presents you with the quicker, more efficient, and easier to read and access option of typing versus the more laborious and potentially less legible method of writing, it’s understandable you’d feel frustrated and even irritated at being obliged to handwrite your program’s activities.

          So why longhand? Writing pen to paper, conscious stroke by conscious stroke, creates a powerfully direct personal connection with ourselves by silencing our chatty, analytical, editor brain and allowing our free-flowing, creative, emotional brain free reign. Writing longhand thus empowers self-expression, helping us to recognize and accept our feelings and assess our thoughts.


(I even wrote this out by hand before typing it up!)                    

Tips To Find Your Fun: Looking to boost the FUN in handwriting your activities? Try using different colors of ink or writing in your favorite color. Use your favorite type of pen (e.g. ballpoint, gel, fine point, thick point) or a type of pen you otherwise never get to write with (a quill anyone?). Take the opportunity to use your favorite writing utensil, highlighters, markers, or even crayons. And when in doubt, you can always mix ‘n match!  

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