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Your Personal Navigation System: Mapping Your Direction

An online, Educational Adventure for those who want to trade in their just fine life for an Amazing life.


It offers you the opportunity to significantly reduce overwhelm and stress and decision-making fatigue, feel happier, more engaged, more energetic, more productive, and more successful – all while having a little bit of fun!

Designed to initialize Your Personal Navigation System and Map Your Direction, I am your Expedition Guide helping you navigate your way through every step of the expeditions with a series of instructional videos containing further details, additional examples, helpful hints, and celebrating your small wins and big victories.

This Educational Adventure takes you along three expeditions exploring:

  • Your top values, the principles that motivate us and by which we live our lives. Being aware of what drives us, allows us to bring our everyday tasks and projects into alignment with it, skyrocketing our productivity and efficiency and energy.

  • Your strengths, the cross section between what you’re good at and what you love to do. Knowing our strengths presents us the opportunity to leverage them in all we do, making our everyday tasks and projects easier and quicker to accomplish.

  • Your weaknesses in order to learn how to minimize their impact.

  • How to map your direction, your ultimate purpose in living this life, what is most important for you to experience, accomplish, or learn because only when we know where we’re going will we know how to get there.

This Educational Adventure is intended to be completed at your own pace and when convenient for you, from the comfort of your own space. The only question remaining is: Are you ready for Amazing?

An Online Educational Adventure 

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