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The Foundation of Leadership is Building Relationships, and the Heart of Building Relationships is Communication, and the Essence of Communication is Listening.

Jaime Bartolotta

The Entrepreneur's Life & Leadership Coach 

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As a child, I wanted to be an archaeologist, to uncover treasures long buried by the earth. I even "excavated" in the front yard, until I got caught!

Fun Fact


Puzzles! Puzzles of all kinds! Crossword, logic, jigsaw, you name it, I love solving it! I can find patterns in even seemingly chaotic, disparate elements. Life itself, while it dons the persona of mystery, is full of patterns.

Things I Love


Because people are puzzles, not in the perplexing sense, but in that they contain all their pieces (their strengths, values, beliefs, purpose) inside themselves that, when integrated together, create masterpieces! 

Why I Coach


Finding the FUN and JOY in everything. 
There is no reason that deep, inner work can't be fun, can't be a game. After all, Life itself is a game meant to be played, to be experienced, to be LIVED!

My SuperPower



As an Entrepreneur building my business, I'm on the frontline every day battling the Stresses and Pressures and Frustrations and Uncertainty and FEAR that accompanies raising a business. I've also had to expand my repertoire of circus talents to include juggling and tightrope walking and taming ferocious creatures such as the one that roars in my head, "Don't do that! You're gonna FAIL!"


But I know my Strengths and how to minimize my weaknesses, I know my Values and make decisions in business and in life in accordance with them, I know my Purpose and am conscious of my Grander Objective, I practice Mindfulness and am aware of what I need personally to function Optimally professionally, I know my Goals and why they are important to me. But, for many Entrepreneurs, these foundational pillars are out of focus or largely unexscavated.   


So, what makes me qualified to do what I do? Fifteen years of intensive studying at the MOST Prestigious learning facility, ‘What Not To Do’. I know you’ve heard of it, probably even audited a few classes at some point. 

Upon earning my B.S. degree in Biology Pre-Professional, I found myself working as a forensic scientist in Biology and DNA, before CSI made it look cool (and no, it’s really nothing like the show). I felt a sense of pride in serving the public, knowing that every day I had helped to make a difference in someone’s life, perhaps providing some closure to a horrific chapter. 

Yet, while I consistently achieved in quality and productivity, served on numerous committees, and designed and completed several research projects, at the end of every day I was miserable, unfulfilled, stressed, and struggling to fit myself into my job. After almost a decade and a half, I was chronically suffering from a classic example of power and control-style management, where focus is on improving weaknesses instead of developing and utilizing strengths, where ideas are not solicited or appreciated but orders handed down, and where even highly trained employees are treated as expendable commodities instead of valuable members of a team.  

So, What's My Point?

I understand the importance of effective communication to build collaboration instead of cooperation because I learned how not to do it. I understand how loyalty is cultivated by sharing of ideas instead of imposing hierarchy because I was controlled by power. I understand how Dynamic Leaders are elevated to excellence by leveraging their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses to exponentially increase efficiency and productivity because I was only seen as strong as my weaknesses. I understand that no amount of money can handcuff someone to a job where they feel DISempowered. They’ll always find a way to escape with the hope of something better.

Are you that Something Better?

My Mission Proclamation! 

     My passion is guiding others to their greatest selves, awakening them to the awesome power inherent within them, and transcending their self-awareness to a universal consciousness. I cultivate new perspectives to create unconventional and inventive pathways and to inspire curiosity and joy in Life's splendor. As the Entrepreneur's Life & Leadership Coach, I challenge, I champion, I celebrate, I empower those dedicated to service to stretch beyond comfortable, to build something that matters, and to find laughter inside all of it. As partners, we deconstruct complex concepts, simplify projects, streamline everyday processes, and create Time.

My Signature Process

Our values are those non-negotiable ideals that are the spark igniting our passion, fueling our motivation, and governing our direction both in Business and in Life. The Business Values that are the Pillars of my Coaching and that I share with each of my clients are evident in everything I do or don’t do, everything I say or don’t say.


"What’s on your mind today?” opens each session inside a space of Service, my Service to you as your Strategic Partner along your Amazing Journey.

“You’re only alone if you want to be,” is the promise of my Partnership. I am here for you and to be what you need me to be: your accountability, your cheerleader, your motivator, your mirror, your challenger.


“What if Anything was possible?” reflects the Creativity that stimulates your innovation, designing unique, alternative options and solutions to your everyday issues and tasks.   


“Let’s play a game!” is the FUN I bring into everything because, after all, Life itself is a game meant to be played, to be experienced, to be Lived!

“There is always Method to my Madness!” illustrates my Integrity. Everything I say and do, no matter how goofy or off-the-wall or seemingly random, always has a purpose, even if the purpose is simply to make you laugh. Actually, especially if the purpose is to make you laugh because laughter opens a window to a new perspective. And a new perspective provides us choices, and with choices come Freedom – Freedom to decide how we want to Lead in Business and in Life. 


Being here means you want to Serve in a Significant way.

Let me help you build Something that Matters!

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