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Personal Navigation System Educational Adventure:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I need help, I'm stuck, or have a question about an activity?

A.  Great  question and Good News! You are not alone  in your journey. Got a question? Stuck on an activity? Need a bit more clarity and understanding? Simply select the red "Contact Me Here" button located on each expedition's page, fill out the contact form, and I'll reach out to answer your question and get you unstuck as  soon as I can within 24 hours.

Q. What if I accidentally close my web browser before bookmarking the page? How do I  get back to the Expedition?

A.  No worries! I got your back! As you begin each Expedition , you'll automatically receive an email containing the link to that Expedition's web  page. Simply check your inbox for an email from me and follow the link.

Q. Why do I have to give you my email address to advance to the next Expedition?  

A.  Another great  question and there are two important reasons.  The first is so that you receive the automated email with information relevant for that  Expedition (web link, specific instructions, etc.). The second is to help me support    your progress through the Adventure. If it seems you become stuck on a particular Expedition, I can reach out to offer help and guidance. 

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